Josh Franceschi's blog apreciation
This is a fan blog, I do not pretend I am Josh neither I pretend to know him or own anything on this blog unless I say so...
Thanks for following, and I'll be please to answer all your questions :) x

okay can i just say that this gif is my favourite thing ever about watching you me at six perform live? the best moment out of them all is when josh is just smiling and mouthing the words and he doesn’t even bother singing into the microphone because nobody would be able to hear him over the screaming of the fans and he just looks so god damn happy. 

he reminds me of myself sometimes omg ?

lowerthanemma-deactivated201307 said: I have such a love/hate relationship with your blog- I absolutely adore it but there's just too much Josh to handle and I can't reblog everything at once ;) hahaha xx

Aw thank you so much, I’m such a bad blogger though, I should come back here more often xx

athdrivar said: this blog is paradise :D

Omg thank you x